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The site is run by PC Services for the benefit of all developers using the GNU C/C++ compiler for the Renesas[1] (formerly Hitachi) H8, H8S, H8SX and H8 Tiny family of processors.

This site used to also run a mailing list but due to various changes in spam levels and plethora of forums being setup, this has since stopped. Mailing list may get resurrected at a later date when various issues such as Data Protection, anti-spam harvesting and other issues can be resolved with web front end for those who insist that everything must be a web site.

For some outline of Renesas H8 see wikipedia.

Whilst this compiler is primarily Linux and DOS/Windows based other GNU compilers exist on many platforms for cross-platform development. Some of the links also refer to Linux based compilers and utilities.

News December 2007

Addition of forum website links

PC Services will be looking at minimum board/EVB style circuits and code for circuit starting points over the coming year between other paying projects.

News December 2006

Site relayout

News November 2006

Extra files added on downloads page.

News May 2006

Some links updated on links page.

Newer site of www.gnuh8.org.uk (www.gnuh8.org and www.gnuh8.co.uk) now the only updated site, please update your links to any old bookmarks for this site.

[1] As of 1st April 2003, Hitachi and Mistubishi formed Renesas for their semiconductor divisions including the Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.

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